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Transnational Meeting (virtual), December 2020


3rd Transnational Meeting (virtual), 16th and 17th December, 2020

We focused on production within IO2 (English Module) and plans for IO4 (language modules for other languages), along with the developments within IO3 (CM).

Challenges to overcome Covid 19 limitations were discussed, as well as the consequences in terms of adaptation needed and funds reallocation.

The management quality of project outcomes were discussed within the report of the Quality Report Team.

Reporting of work results and intellectual output were further elaborated. Results of IO2 were discussed and the lack of a syllabus was pointed out. A module was designed by the lead partner to compensate for this shortcoming.

A clear plan for work until April 2020, when the 2nd Interim Report is due, was agreed by the partnership. Preparation for writing materials for languages other than English were discussed within IO4 plans.

Harmonisation and adaptation of teaching materials with the requirements of the Content manager were discussed.

All partners were present both days.