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Attachment 18 - Dissemination.docx.pdf

Dissemination activities we engaged in to share the results with our potential audiences were as follows:

- presentation of results of the LanGuide project at national and international conferences

- presentation of results of the LanGuide project within our institutions in Multiplier events

- presentation of the LanGuide App within international workshops for Erasmus Mobility students and the Summer School for Slovene as a foreign language

- distributing the LanGuide flier at all these events

- promotion on the CMEPIUS web page: description of the project and flier

- promotion on the Erasmus+ Project Results Platform: project description

- advertising the project results on UP intranet advertismet board

- publishing articles regarding developments and results of the LanGuide project in international scientific journals

- promotion and project results on the Languide web site (https://languide.si/en/ ).

LanGuide Flyer: