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Mälardalen University


Mälardalen University (MDU) is a relatively young university and celebrated its 40th birthday in 2017. In just a few years the University has developed from a regional university of technology into a broad academy and a powerful driving force in the region. Today, Mälardalen University is one of Sweden’s largest institutes of higher education.

The University has over 15,000 students from all around the word studying one of our approximately 70 undergraduate and master programs, 14 of them taught in fully in English. Education and research are characterized by high international quality in Technology and Science, the Humanities, Social Science and the Caring Sciences. The University has extensive cooperation and strategic agreements with leading international high-tech companies such as ABB, Volvo, Ericsson, and Bombardier, as well as other and public communities both locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Our research puts applicability in focus, and the University’s close linkages with trade and industry are an important factor in our graduates’ success in the labor market after graduation, because of the standard of their education and their capacity for critical thinking and innovation. Mälardalen University also educates most entrepreneurs in Sweden. Innovation and product realization are some of the leading stars in our research and education, with a goal to provide support to the industry to realize more ideas and achieve more efficient development of new products and systems through knowledge and collaboration. In our arena for collaboration there are students, teachers, PhD students and researchers that want to create situations where we, together with the surrounding society, create value for all parts. MDU has extensive experience in participating and coordinating large international projects. The University has been coordinating many EU projects including EMECW Eureca, FT7 FIRST, FP7 All-Times, and participated as a partner in several EU projects such as CHESS, Q-Impress, Sister, BETSY, FABRIC, COMING, etc. MDU also participates in various other international projects, for example the EU-Canada and EU-USA higher education co- operation programs, the Tempus programs, and ARTEMIS. Furthermore, the University participates in more than ten national research schools, and is a member of NoE Artist and Artist2. We have contacts all over the world, with hundreds of agreements with other universities in more than 50 countries. In 2011, the University attracted more than 1000 international students from all over the world.

The School of Innovation, Design and Engineering (IDT), one of the four schools at the University, conducts leading research in Sweden in Embedded and Real-time Systems, and Software Engineering, and has extensive cooperation with other universities and research centres world-wide, as well as with leading international high-tech companies such as ABB, Volvo, Ericsson, and Bombardier. MDH has been coordinating a large number of EU projects including EMECW- EURECA, FP7 All-Times, and has been a partner in several other EU projects such as CHESS, Q- Impress, Sister, FOR A or IMMERSAFE etc. MDH has also coordinated 4 big Erasmus Mundus projects between 2017 and 2019: EMECW-EUROWEB, EMECW-EUROWEB+ and EMECW- IDEAS.

Radu Dobrin is an Associate Professor at MDH, Head of the Software Engineering Division, and the International Coordinator at the School of Innovation, Design and Engineering at MDH. He received his Ph.D. studies in Computer Science at Mälardalen University in 2005 and has involved in a large number of projects on internationalization of education. Currently, his research is focused in the area of energy aware and dependable embedded real-time systems. He has been involved in the coordination of the both EMECW projects EURECA, EUROWEB and EUROWEB+, as well as he is the main applicant and coordinator of all Erasmus+ Credit Mobility (KA107) projects at MDH.

Afshin Ameri is a Lecturer at MDH, at the School of Innovation, Design and Engineering at MDH. He finished his MSc is Computer Science at MDH and is currently doing his Ph.D. studies in Computer Science at Mälardalen University. His research is focused at advanced user interfaces for human-multirobot interaction. Afshin has been involved in several European projects including SWARMs, eCraft2Learn and currently AFarCloud.


Radu Dobrin
Associate Professor

Afshin Ameri