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The main aim of the LanGuide project is to support and contribute to the EU language policies of promoting interculturality, multilingualism, as well as digital learning, so as to enhance intercultural understanding and multilingual practices within the internationalisation of tertiary education, within which a growing need for digital learning has been perceived.

In keeping with these objectives, the LanGuide Mobile App provides an open access mobile tool for students, teachers and administrative staff who wish to pursue flexible learning pathways in line with their own needs and learning style in their effort to study new languages or upgrade knowledge of previously acquired languages.

In order to achieve such a result, the LanGuide project involved experts specialised in language acquisition and software development from 6 partner European universities. Together we developed the LanGuide App, a resource based on common language learning methodology and accessible on a jointly designed m-learning app. Thus, language learners are offered an innovative tool to enhance their communicative competence with ease and at their convenience, focusing on some specialist domains, essential for mobility abroad.

Language teaching practitioners can find in depth analysis of the LanGuide pedagogy in the LanGuide Monograph: https://www.hippocampus.si/ISBN/978-961-293-174-2.pdf .


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