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The LanGuide app


The app involved in particular the IT skills of 3 project partners, the University Maelardalesn Hoegskola, the University of Rijeka and the University of Castilla La Mancha, into the preparation of the digital resources, namely the LanGuide software and mobile app. All other partners were present throughout the preparation of the software and mobile app, and especially involved in the testing the software and mobile app once it was completed.

The LanGuide digital technology and mobile app are an element of innovation for two main reasons:
- by promoting the usage of digital technologies the LanGuide software and mobile app enable the users to use both digital technologies with no time limitations and completely free of charge. All one needs to do is register and take advantage of a bank of over 1700 exercises available to you to improve your language knowledge at all three levels and in the LSP fields provided;
- both the software and mobile app are examples of good practice for future development of the LanGuide tool spreading it to the inclusion of languages and LSP fields different from the ones presented in the project.

Since the end of the project the LanGuide software and mobile app are freely available on this web page of the project. You can register below.

Application can be downloaded here or using the qr code below.

Instruction how to install the application on your Android phone can be found here. The app is completely safe.