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Intellectual Output 4


Involves all project partners who use the developed IT technology and methodology developed for the preparation of the language guidance tool for LSP and prepare sample materials for the project languages, e.g. Slovene, Croatian, Swedish, Romanian and Spanish for the same specific fields. The activities in IO4 will fulfil the project objective supporting the acquisition of language knowledge through the language guidance tool, promoting the internationalization of the higher education programmes, and the usage of up-to-date IT technologies. IO4 activities are:

- Usage of existing IT technology developed under IO3
- Usage of existing methodology developed under IO1
- Usage of existing LSP fields presented in IO2
- Preparation of materials
- Proof reading
- Mid-project feedback from project team
- Stakeholder feedback
- Sample testing
- Preparation of method guide
- Stakeholder quality control
- Completion of method guide
- Proof reading
- Finalise for online publication